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Living Creatively

Creativity is a huge subject and there are many ways of interpreting what it actually is.  We tend to think in terms of talent, artisitc ability and finished projects and that time spent on creativity is a luxury, something that you can do once all the other daily chores are completed.

But creativity is really a state of being, a state of being tapped into the creative source within you.  It is not about a finished project, it’s about getting in touch with your inner-self, your passion, who you really are and what really excites you.  To discover how to express yourself, not to worry about others judging you, what they may think and worrying about standing out in a crowd.  Surely it’s better to be seen as a leader rather than a follower?  We need to connect with Our Authentic Self, in our own unique way.  I believe that creativity is self-expression in its highest form and that creative self-expression is a vital part of well-being.

Many of us don’t feel creative and others feel creatively blocked.  We use our creative energy responding to life’s daily challenges and fulfilling our responsibilities.  It’s not about talent, skill, pleasing others or proving ourselves worthy.  It’s only about self expression.  It’s about the process we go through living our life, being in the flow, your own personal journey of self discovery and as time goes on this can become more and more magical, ‘Living Magically’ as the wonderful author Gill Edwards wrote about in her book with that very title.  We all need to express the unique beauty and truth within each and every one of us.