The World of Creativity & Colour

About Jane

Welcome to my world of colour, vibration, love and energy.    My name is Jane Davidson and I work within the world of fashion, style and personal life and empowerment coaching,  I am a trained stylist and fashion buyer and also run a large independent Fashion Boutique in North Norfolk.  I believe that in order for each of us to live a joyful, happy and fulfilling life we need to understand who we really are on the inside and be free to express ourselves creatively on the outside, basically using ourselves as a canvas to ‘colour in’ our true template enabling us to be true to ourselves and live a magical life.


So, I am living my passion, working with my clients on a holistic level, encompassing the ‘whole” and that means connecting with each individual on a sub-conscious level, intuitively working with them to give them the power to unlock their ‘Authentic Self’.

Light is all around us and as Sir Isac Newton demonstrated, when light is passed through a prism it splits into many different colours, each colour holds a different frequency of energy and all energy acts on the matter that it comes into contact with.  What we see as colour is simply the brain’s way of recognising the many different energy qualities of light. As a consequence of this colour effects us in so many ways.  In today’s sophisticated world it is easy to underestimate the power of primative instincts as they are largely unconscious.

For thousands of years people have used colour for healing, entertainment, to create beauty and to feel more radiant and alive.  Colour is everywhere, in nature, our homes, our wardrobes and our food.  Our sense of sight is how we interact with the world around us but we take this process for granted.  We rarely stop to think about what is happening when we see colour, what colour means to us and how it might affect us in so many different ways.

Colour has the power to assist with healing many health conditions, mental stresses and emotional upheaval.  Many businesses and organisations around the world choose to use particular colours based on their properties, the vibration they hold and how they can effect others on a sub-conscious level.

I am here to enlighten and empower people, to work with them energetically to un-lock their true potential, t0 hold the power to ‘just be’, to discover how to express yourself, not to worry anymore of others judging you. To teach people to stand in their ‘own power’ to lead and not to follow……

“If you stop trying to become whatever it is you are trying to become and instead have the feeling that you are what you are, and this is the moment — your struggle stops” – Bartholomew

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